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If you are passionate about playing storytelling games, then this game is the perfect option for you. Maybe you have heard about the most trending and latest game, “Raji: An Ancient Epic,” which is full of action and adventures characterized by admirable background graphics and outstanding animation. The props and everything designed in the game are fantastically organized, including the sound and VFX effects.

The most exciting thing about the game is it can now be played on mobile phones as well, which is available on Netflix and now you can buy it from Steam also.





Know some more facts about the game, Raji

The magic of graphics and animation grabs everyone’s attention so quickly that the eyes get stuck on such unbelievable creations. Furthermore, the newest released game, Raji: An Ancient Epic, with astonishing and fascinating background designs, animations, props, and art, stole the heart of millions. The game was developed by “Nodding Heads Games,” and now it is available on Netflix at a reasonable price.

Talking about the game genre, we will find it is an action-adventure game based on the tale pattern of ancient India. The main character of the story is Raji, who is an orphan and performs in the circus. For the sake of her family, she only has her younger brother, Golu, who is a storyteller.

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, suddenly, there occurs a demons attack at the fair where these two kids work. The demon team puts waste on the land, and three of them take away Golu. Watching all this violence compels Raji to bring her brother back from the demons’ custody. Considering all these situations, Goddess Durga and Lord Vishnu decided to choose Raji as a fighter against the demons and lord demon Mahabalasura. Goddess Durga takes Raji’s stand, while lord Vishnu shows some doubt about her.

Raji proceeds with the journey to fight against demons to save the audience and her brother with the help of the most potent weapons, Trishula, by Goddess Durga, Bow, and Arrow and Sword by Lord Vishnu, to let down the monsters quickly.

Taking all the powerful assets, Raji moves ahead and fights with the dangerous demons at different phases of the game. Being a circus performer, she lifts significantly on the pillars to reach out to the leader of demons, Mahabalasura, who kept her brother Golu. After facing 2-3 demons, when Raji finally reaches Mahabalasura, Lord Vishnu offers her his superior weapon that is Sudarshan Chakra, to defeat the demon and save her brother.

Later, fighting with the Mahabalasura, Raji notices the clones of the demon whom she fights with the same energy and spirit recklessly. Soon he opens a gate for which he kidnaps Golu, and Raji gets her brother back with her. The end of the game signifies many interpretations as may this time Mahabalsura will attack the Gods kingdom.

The plot of the game is incredible and gives extreme kick to players making them engaged in the game with stupefying animations and sound effects.


Source: https://store.steampowered.com/app/730390/Raji_An_Ancient_Epic/




The most recently released game Raji: An Ancient Epic, available on Netflix, is booming the market with its adorable graphics, background, and animations. Gamers are getting influenced by its impressive plot of ancient India and the art used, making the game more appealing and tending them highly engrossed in playing it. If you are also an action-adventure lover, then you must go and experience this excellent game. There is never too late to play!

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