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The year 2022 has ended with full of zest and entertainment. We have experienced a tremendous level of fun in this year with the most fascinating and trending video games released by different gaming studios on their specific consoles, such as Nintendo on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft on Xbox, etc.

Games like Return to Monkey Island, Cult of the Lamb, Tunic, Elden Ring, and many more released the year 2022 on various platforms such as PC and other consoles have stolen the hearts of millions of gamers due to their capturing visual effects and striking fluency that stimulate the excitement of players and make them engaged to the game for a long time. But more to this, hike up your gaming buzz for the most captivating games coming out in 2023.

Hold your breath for the vast enjoyment you are going to gain from the upcoming video games such as Fire Emblem Engage, Cut Drop Strike, Hogwarts Legacy, Company of Heroes 3, etc. Undoubtedly, these games will quickly grab all your attention and compel you to get stuck to them.




What is there in the upcoming games of 2023?

With no wonder, it is easily aestivated that people who are eagerly waiting for enormous and limitless fun after experiencing enjoyment to a greater extent from the most demanding games of 2022, will get highly elated in 2023.

If you are passionate enough to go for playing the newest video games released, then definitely this article is for you, in which you will get a brief info about the upcoming games in 2023. Beneath are some popular and trending video games that you are going to play ahead in this year, let’s have a quick look at them;

  • Forspoken: For those who love action games will gonna love this for sure as the game is completely action RPG type following the journey of Frey, who is a young girl New Yorker got transported to the lovely but cruel land and, i.e., Athia.


  • One Piece Odyssey: The very special creation with many years of hard work in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ONE PIECE brand is going to be released in the upcoming days. Inside the game, we will find the genre of JRPG along with the distinctive element of ONE PIECE. To attain entertainment of great level, you must go for this to play.


  • Hogwarts Legacy: The most mesmerizing and spectacular game you will going to experience in the forthcoming year, which is based on the action RPG genre. For the first time, it was introduced in the Harry Potter books, and the game is full of adventure and the wizarding world in which you have to play a crucial role as a character. Get set ready for such an amazing thrill to experience.


  • Atomic Heart: Shape up your action and adventure skills before going for this game, as it is all about thrilling actions and explosive encounters in the mad and utopian world. Build your fighting spirit against the opponent to accomplish your mission.


  • Cut Drop Strike: What an interesting and engaging game it is! Cut Drop Strike, if you have played its initial chapters, then you must agree with this game to go for the next chapter to play i.e. Chapter 3. So hold on gamers, for this highly agreeable and fun-filled game that will rise up your gaming love assuredly.


  • STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor: If you have gone through the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, then you would like to enjoy this game for sure, which is about survival, galaxy-spanning, and full of action adventure. Only we have a teaser now that influences our gamer soul, still extremely eager to play this immersive game.





Beyond any question, it is pretty obvious to say that 2023 sounds more thrilling and exciting for game lovers who are hungrily waiting for unlimited fun and joy. The games discussed above are quite stimulating and captivating enough to satisfy the curiosity of gamers and shoot up their mania of playing trending video games in the upcoming future.

Howsoever, people will gonna enjoy experiencing RPG action and adventurous games with outstanding visual and sound effects that will exhilarate their excitement to the next level.

Whoopee! how much stirring 2023 seems to be? No one can limit their excitement to go playing such incredible games with massive fun and craziness.

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